The Annual Holiday Quiz

Test your knowledge against our Marvel Standom crew! It's been a wild Phase 4 journey, and Kirstie has put together a maniacal set of questions covering everything from WandaVision to The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. Who will take home the title of "Standom Supreme"? Check out the show to find out!

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Marvel Standom

At South by Southwest Film Festival Sheryl Crow, Amy Scott, and Brian Morrow talk to Den Of Geek about their new documentary “Sheryl”. They talk about all of the material they went through to make the documentary, piecing together Sheryl’s life, and Sheryl’s experience in the music industry.
If you know Jar Jar Binks, you probably don’t like him very much. He was so hated by fans that George Lucas phased Binks out of future Star Wars installments. We look at what happened to the Gungan.

We sat down with Ethan Hawke to play a little game… “Can you remember your first five acting credits?”
The Batman Merchandize has evolved and reinvented itself, just as the character has himself. We look at the history of the Caped Crusader’s collectibles, which are available to purchase on eBay!
Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe, Aaron Nee, and Adam Nee chat with Den Of Geek about their new movie ‘The Lost City’. They discuss how it was like filming during the pandemic, their take on this comedy adventure, and how they managed to snag Brad Pitt to feature in their movie.
Pablo Schreiber, who plays Master Chief/John in the new TV show based on the popular game Halo, talks to Den of Geek about his experience playing the character, how he felt being a part of a franchise that has a massive fandom, and the training process he went through to accommodate the Spartan armor.