Casio G-SHOCK Move GBDH2000 Multi-Sport Watch

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Casio’s original G-Shock watch redefined the concept of heavy-duty sports watches when it was released in 1983. It was so groundbreaking, in fact, that it didn’t initially find a market—and was in danger of going unsold into the trash bins of history.

Thankfully, a well-placed television endorsement saved the G-Shock series. And today they’re still going strong, with new editions continuing to advance the innovation set out by their predecessors.

The newest addition to the G-Shock family, the GBDH2000 Multi-Sport Watch, is Casio’s most technologically advanced offering yet. Six different sensors track your activity in real time, giving you up-to-the-minute data on your heart rate, distance traveled, compass bearing, and environmental conditions. Paired with a GPS system, this makes the GBDH2000 an all-purpose sport watch, no matter what your sport is. And for just shy of 400 dollars, it’s quite a bargain for all the features it’s packing.

Price: $399

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