1987 Ferrari Testarossa

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The 1987 Ferrari Testarossa, an embodiment of automotive artistry and performance, is set to hit the auction floor at the prestigious RM Sotheby’s Monterey event.

This Testarossa exemplifies the pinnacle of Italian sports car design, boasting striking Pininfarina styling that remains iconic to this day. Beneath its sleek exterior lies a formidable flat-twelve engine hat has been completely re-serviced at a cost of $10,000, capable of propelling the car to an impressive top speed.

Aside from its powerful performance, the allure of the Testarossa lies in its exclusivity, with only a limited number ever produced. This particular 1987 model comes in the classic Rosso Corsa color, enhancing its timeless allure and resell value.

1987 Ferrari Testarossa

Having undergone meticulous care and maintenance, this Testarossa is presented in immaculate condition, preserving its original charm. As a true testament to Ferrari’s legacy, this masterpiece serves as a coveted addition to any collection or a dream acquisition for automotive enthusiasts.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. Head over to RM Sotheby’s website for more details on the upcoming auction, and seize the chance to make the 1987 Ferrari Testarossa yours, as it continues to mesmerize generations with its enduring allure and thrilling performance.

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